Aerospace Contacts is committed to Quality.

You may be assured that your custom contacts and connector products are thoroughly tested and inspected at every stage of the production process. Through continuous improvement in key manufacturing processes, process control, and a complementary range of inspection, mechanical testing and materials testing, Aerospace Contacts is committed to quality.

Aerospace Contacts makes quality a top priority and has a robust quality management system which includes the following:

Quality Policy:
“Aerospace Contacts is committed to providing precision machined quality products that meet or exceed customer requirements through the continual improvement of the quality management system.”



Inspection & Testing Capabilities

  • Keyence Laser micrometer
  • Keyence Optical CMM
  • Full mechanical dimensional inspection capabilities
  • Optical Comparators
  • Micro-hardness testing
  • Force Testing (pull, separation, engagement)
  • Heat TreatĀ oven temperature uniformity survey system

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