Our fleet of Swiss-style CNC screw machines and CNC multi-axis lathes cover a wide range of sizes (up to 3″) and capabilities – from 6-axis high precision machines to the latest 10-axis machines.  Aerospace Contacts has led the nation in acquiring the latest technologies to stay at the cutting edge of productivity and precision.


38 Machines | R04 | L12, K16 | L20


40 Machines | DECO 10 | EVO DECO 10


11 Machines | SS32 | BW129Z | BW209Z


6 Machines | NLX2500 | Up to 3” Diameter

We produce parts that can barely be seen with the naked eye to custom coax outer shells.  Our skilled technicians make parts that others say are impossible with features are as small as 0.002” of an inch. And the team can switch gears and shave seconds off cycle times to meet the most demanding price points.

Beyond contacts, we also manufacture other precision components for any harsh environment connectivity application.

Value-Added Capabilities

Aerospace Contacts offers many value-added processes including cleaning, heat treating, zone annealing, bending, crimping, passivation, solder dipping, assembly, kitting and packaging.


Vibratory Tumble | Cleaning | Passivation | Solder Dip

Heat Treatment

AMS2750 Compliant | Age Harden | Full Annealing | Zone Annealing


Bending | Crimping | Logo Stamping


Hood | Clips | Coaxial Assembly | Pogo Pins | Packaging | Kitting

Thanks to our strategic partnership with a local plating company, we offer the shortest lead times in the industry for prototypes and production of heat treated and plated parts.

If you need technical support, we provide engineering verification of your designs to ensure conformance with your assembly and functional specifications.  Our team is eager to work with your engineers and designers at the start of projects to provide technical input with a perspective on manufacturability, material selection, cost, and quality.

Our New State-of-the Art-Facility

All of our 95 CNC Machines are housed in our new 50,000 sq. ft. facility in Gilbert, AZ.

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