Aerospace Contacts, L.L.C. was founded by Sal Kielbus in 1999 to provide quality, short lead-time contacts and hardware for the harsh environment connector industry.  The company is focused on providing high quality, technically and functionally sound components in the shortest lead times in the industry.  Aerospace Contacts provides contacts for virtually every major connector manufacturer.

The company specializes in manufacturing MIL-SPEC contacts with modified terminations for the aerospace industry and contact assemblies of custom design. This capability includes making wire wrap, PC tail, crimp or solder cup terminations using state of the art screw machines made by Tornos, Citizen and Tsugami.

These high-speed machines run 24 hours a day producing parts with much tighter tolerances than the MIL-SPEC requirements. With a broad range of screw machines, Aerospace Contacts leads the competitive industry whether it is in high volume/low mix or low volume/high mix requirements.

Although the company is built around delivering electrical connector contacts, the team is here to serve customers from every industry.  The highly capable machines are routinely put to work making parts for a wide range of industries outside of the core connector market including aerospace and defense, medical, oil & gas, industrial and consumer products, etc.



ACLLC was recognized for their input into the Aerospace Industry with two articles. See below for links to the CNC West 2004 issue and the 2007 DECO Magazine articles.

Click here to see Citizen Article | Click here to see DECO Article

Made in the USA RoHS Compliant Department of Defense | Defense Finance and Accounting Service International Traffic in Arms Regulations | Registered and Compliant Certified ISO 9001:2015 Company AS9100 Rev. D

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